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Born in Juiz de Fora (Brazil), Pedro began to learn bass at the age of 15 in the local scene in his hometown. At the age of 21 he moved to São Paulo to study double bass with Sizão Machado, legendary bassist of Brazilian music. In 2012, he moved to France to continue his studies at the CRR of Paris. After obtaining his degree in music (DEM) in 2014, he moved to Amsterdam to obtain his Bachelor Diploma. He studies with big names of European and international double bassists like: John Clayton, Enrst Glerum and Frans van der Hoeven.

Pedro bass - photo Avignon.jpg


In the Netherlands, he plays with several jazz and improvised music projects such as Orè, Canvas, Noneto Desconcertante, OWL Man, Adrian Moncada Sextet, Maripepa Contreras, Jonathan Dafgard, Sama / Ferreira / Jaspers, Gabriel Milliet, among others. He recorded two albums with Canvas Trio as double bassist and composer: Common Ground (2015) and Transitions (2017). In 2019 he recorded an EP of the group he founded, Noneto Desconcertante, with his arrangements and compositions. In 2021 he recorded an EP with his quartet "Orè" featuring Brazilian and Free Improvised Music.

With Nefertiti Quartet, he recorded four albums “Danses Futuristes” (2015), “Morse Code” (2018), "Frameless" (2022) and "Live In Paris" (2023); and plays extensively in Europe. In 2019 the group Nefertiti was selected to participate in the Jazz Migration # 5 program and in June 2019 it won the Euro Radio Competition in Copenhagen. Read More

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