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Current projects 

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Quartet created in 2022 exploring Brazilian and Improvised Music.  

The group brings influences of Maracatu, Baião and and other northeastern rhythms in a contemporary vision, using unison melodies and traditional rhythms as a foundation to create improvising platforms

Miguel Petruccelli - guitar

José Soares - saxophone

Pedro Ivo Ferreira - double bass

Onno Govaert - drums



The group Nefertiti takes its name from the composition by Wayne Shorter, the musical poet whose dreams find their expression in such improbably shaped melodic lines. The group, which started in 2013 at the CRR Conservatoire in Paris, might look like a classic jazz quartet, but appearances can be deceptive. We could not be further removed here from those endless repetitions of ‘tune – improvised solos – tune again’. In Nefertiti,  the dramaturgy is different. The form appears only when it needs to, after preliminary frolicking and shadow-play. Then, and only then, does the composition move forward. In a paradoxical and very appealing way, it is liberating. And that is because, once the free sounds have created their own tension, the arrival of melody and pulse brings certainty; and yet the line has the liberty to zigzag, to whirl about, and to be peppered with polyrhythms. 


After two albums, « Danses Futuristes » from 2015 and « Morse Code » from 2018, the band has developed its collective sound, a process deepened by the touring they have done. The third album is to be released in 2022.

Delphine Deau - piano                         

Camille Maussion - saxophone                   

Pedro Ivo Ferreira - double bass         

Pierre Demange - drums


Adrian Moncada Sextet


"Inhabitable Imagination”, the first album of pianist Adrian Moncada Sextet, draws inspiration from his passion for architecture. Being an improviser and composer he considers himself a musical architect, where the musical architecture serves as a container for people's minds.  It features a repertoire of original songs that are influenced by contemporary jazz - a term that serves as an umbrella for a lot of music that combines the rhythm, improvisation, and intention of the jazz tradition with the eclecticism of the times that we are living in. The camaraderie they have developed when playing can be reflected in the trust they have in each other when taking musical risks on stage. At times highly structured and composed, and others freely improvised and loose, the music never loses the thread of its narrative. 


“With architecture as my source of inspiration, I would like to invite the listeners into my musical mind willing to excite their imagination, showing them sonic spaces that can feel grandiose, minuscule, geometrically strict or loose.”


Adrián Moncada - piano and compositions  

José Soares - sax 

Alistair Payne - trumpet 

Federico Calcagno - bass clarinet

Nick Thessalonikefs - drums 

Pedro Ivo Ferreira - double bass 


Owl man is a large group led by pianist/improviser Nico Chientaroli, with its heart in free improvisation, composition, poetry and rock. Extracts of texts from Jorge Luis Borges, William Burroughs, Martin Calegari, among others, merged with hypnotic grooves, soulful blowing, abstract landscapes and rock blasts. ‘‘Jazz, rock, blues, South American, slam poetry, punk, experimental electronica and sound art. In short, an eclectic mix of surprising sounds from a musician who has already proven to belong to the experimental vanguard.’’

Hernán Samá – alto sax

Ziv Taubenfeld – bass clarinet

Jan Willem van der Ham – baritone sax

Miguel Petruccelli – guitar

Pau Sola - violoncello

Jarno van Es – electronics

Pedro Ivo Ferreira – electric bass

Onno Govaert – drums

Nico Chientaroli – voice, synth and piano


Maripepa Contreras Quintet


There are not so many jazz oboists but Maripepa Contreras is one of the few. The oboe is a wind instrument characterised by its warm and penetrating sound. Well, wait until you hear the conjuring improvisations of Maripepa Contreras! Maripepa is definitely something else in the best possible ways: Spanish roots, classically trained, with a jazz education and with a passion for Brazilian music. She presents this award-winning project (Downbeat magazine) based in Amsterdam with original compositions.

Maripepa Contreras - oboe, english horn, duduk, compositions

Federico Calcagno - clarinet, bass clarinet

Adrian Moncada - piano

Pedro Ivo Ferreira - double bass

Nick Thessalonikefs - drums

Noneto Desconcertante

Noneto Desconcertante was created in October 2017, in the Conservatorium van Amsterdam by double bassist Pedro Ivo Ferreira, with the goal of writing and playing music inspired by avant-garde Brazilian composers and contemporary classical music. The uncommon instrumentation, mixing classical and jazz musicians, brought the ensemble a singular sonority, variating from fluttering windy melodies to contentious modern grooves. The repertoire is full of surprises as well as tasteful arrangements from composers like Heitor Villa-Lobos, Claudio Santoro, Guinga and Moacir Santos.

Federico Calcagno - bass Clarinet 

Maripepa Contreras - oboe

Anton Jakimenko - clarinet

Maria Cristina Gonzalez - flute

Adrian Moncada - piano

Nick Thessalonikefs - drums

Rita Mendes - clarinet

Gianfranco Mascayano - guitar

Pedro Ivo Ferreira - double bass


Sama I Ferreira I Jaspers


Improvised music trio consisted of Hernan Sama on Sax, Pedro Ivo Ferreira on double bass and Thomas Jaspers on drums. The music is  unpredictable, unique and singular – the essence of the adventurous known as 'instant composing.

Hernan Samá - sax

Pedro Ivo Ferreira - double bass

Thomas Jaspers - drums


Turmeric colour is what best describes the intense joy of creating; letting go of all preconceptions of taste to submerge into a bright orange texture. KURKUMA is a group by Spanish recorder player and singer Irene Sorozábal. Surprising combinations of instruments, unusual rhythms and remembrances of ancient musics intertwine with gentle, folk-flavoured melodies. Irene ́s compositions are inspired by Early Music techniques which she translates to a modern jazz language.

Irene Sorozábal Moreno - voice and recorder
Kirsi-Marja Harju - voice and trumpet
Adrián Moncada - piano 
Pedro Ivo Ferreira - double bass
George Hadow - drums

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